4th Discourse Anaphora and
Anaphor Resolution Colloquium

Lisbon, September 18-20, 2002
hosted by the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences


The working sessions will take place at Hotel Estoril Eden, Av. de Sabóia, Monte Estoril, 2769-502 Estoril, some 25 km from Lisbon:

edensea edenzoom

This hotel is nicely located in front of the ocean, in Monte Estoril, 150 meters from the casino gardens and 200 meters from the charming village of Cascais, with a fabulous view over the Cascais bay:

How to Get There

By bus
There is a direct bus, Expresso 498, from the airport to Cascais, every hour at the hour, from 7:00 to 21:00 (last bus exceptionally at 22:30). Your stop is at Hotel Atlântico, some 50 meters away from your final destination, Hotel Estoril Eden (ask gently the bus driver if he can let you at Hotel Eden, and you will be probably lucky). The travel will take some 30 minutes and costs 7 euros. This is the phone number of the bus company: +351 21 483 20 55.

By train
There is a train stop (Monte Estoril) 50 meters from the hotel. When in Lisbon, at the Cais do Sodré terminal station, take the train to Cascais (there will be one every 5-15 minutes: check here). Be sure that your train stops at Monte Estoril station. The travel will take around 40 minutes and costs 2,55 euros.

When in the outside of Monte Estoril station you will see the hotel (not the first one on the right, but the other one in front, on the top of the hill). Go along the street that connects the station to the main road (Avenida Marginal). Look for the underway passage to get to the other side of this road and go around the hotel until you find the main entrance, in the facade opposite to the sea side.

This is probably one of the more pleasant ways to arrive at the hotel as the train goes all along the coast line since Lisbon. The Cais do Sodré station can be reached by subway (Metro: last stop of the green line) or bus, from any point in town (see bus network here). From the Airport you can get there with the buses 44, 45 and AeroBus, which will take up to 40 minutes to cross Lisbon.

By taxi
There is a taxi station immediately in front of the Lisbon airport arrivals. If you prefer to be prudent, before taking a taxi, ask in the Tourism desk for the cost of the travel to Monte Estoril and for the possible payment in advance under the form of a taxi voucher. Tourism desk is right in your way from the arrivals door to the airport building exit. By taxi, your travel to the hotel, taking the highway, should take some 20 minutes and probably cost more than 35 euros.


Local Weather

In Lisbon, Summer lasts until the end of September (many would say this is the more enjoyable and quiet part of the Summer in Lisbon). Get a quick description of the weather in Lisbon along the year here, and check the weather forecast for the next few days here.